Brett Davies


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Phone: 07954 655 547
Office: York
Team: York


Brett has a wealth of industry experience, with a particular specialism within the agricultural sector.

His responsibilities include overseeing the agricultural accountants team, along with client relations and management.

Role at Hentons

In 1991, Brett earned his Chartered Accountant qualification, marking a significant milestone in his professional journey.

Fast forward to May 2020, and a new chapter in his career unfolded. Brett made a move across the city of York to join Hentons as a Partner.

This transition signalled a fresh beginning, highlighting his delivery of exceptional financial services to his clients, particularly within the agricultural sector.



Favourite Quote

If I were running a company, I would always want to listen to the thoughts of its most talented youngsters because they are the people most in touch with the realities of today and the prospects for tomorrow.

Outside of Work

Brett is an avid York City season ticket holder and enjoys attending both home and away matches.

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