Charlotte Maxwell Warrior

Audit Manager

Let's Get in Touch!

Phone: 0113 831 5218
Office: Leeds
Team: Audit


Charlotte communicates with clients, organises record collection, assigns staff, reviews work for accuracy, and finalises tax returns.

Role at Hentons

Charlotte oversees audits for our clients in Leeds and Sheffield, managing the entire process from account preparation to client meetings.

She liaises closely with clients to discuss their annual performance, schedules record collection, and coordinates audit staff assignments.

Charlotte reviews our audit team’s work, ensuring accuracy and compliance, before meeting with clients to finalise tax returns.



Outside of Work

Charlotte is an avid football fan, holding a season ticket for the Manchester City Women’s team. When she’s not cheering for her favourite team, she enjoys quality time with her wife and family.

Charlotte has a passion for travel and Thailand stands out as her favourite holiday destination.


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