Graeme Pritchard

Tax Manager

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Phone: 01992 550 721
Office: Hertford
Team: Tax


Graeme ensures limited companies meet obligations by reviewing tax positions, securing reliefs, and advising on payment schedules.

Additionally, Graeme offers guidance on company restructuring, share purchases, and complex VAT matters.

Role at Hentons

Graeme is the go-to expert at Hentons for all things related to corporation tax compliance. He ensures that limited companies are in good standing with their tax obligations.

His responsibilities encompass a range of tasks, from reviewing the tax position of limited companies to securing necessary tax reliefs and maximising tax losses. Graeme is dedicated to advising clients on timely payment schedules and managing the completion and filing of returns with HMRC.

Graeme’s role also expands into advisory territory, where he mitigates risks associated with company restructuring and facilitating share purchases. He supports clients seeking expert guidance on complex VAT matters, offering advice on implications and rates.



Favourite Quote

Focus on being productive instead of busy.

Outside of Work

Graeme enjoys tackling DIY projects around the house, taking leisurely walks with his dogs, going to the gym, immersing himself in his favourite music, unwinding with a good movie, and hitting the golf course.

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