Greg Langley

Senior Tax Consultant

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Phone: 0113 831 5214
Office: Leeds
Team: Tax


With five decades of tax experience, Greg’s experience extends to direct and indirect taxes, encompassing company restructures, mergers, and de-mergers.

In addition, Greg serves as a team leader and mentor, sharing his expertise with our tax team at Hentons.

Role at Hentons

With 50 years of experience in taxes, Greg has handled serious inquiries from HRMC for four decades.

His expertise goes beyond direct and indirect taxes, including company restructures, mergers and de-mergers.

As the team leader, Greg guides a diverse group through tax investigations in various industries.

Greg’s skills cover both the expected and the unexpected, making him a professional in everything related to taxes.


Favourite Quote

There is no such thing as a stupid question, only a stupid answer.

Outside of Work

In his spare time, Greg finds pleasure in watching sports, particularly as a devoted Castleford Rugby League fan. Additionally, he has an affinity for cricket.

Beyond his sports interests, Greg enjoys exploring foreign destinations, with Turkey holding a special place in his heart as his preferred getaway. Having visited numerous times, he is gradually immersing himself in the language during his travels.

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