Magdalena Liszewska


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Phone: 020 7637 3210
Office: London
Team: SME


From managing accounts and tax returns for a variety of clients, to handling the financial side of the music industry, Magdalena is a key member of our team.

Magdalena helps lead a team of five.

Role at Hentons

Magdalena wears many hats in her role. She handles accounts and takes care of tax returns, both for corporations and individuals.

Her client portfolio is diverse, ranging from YouTubers to hairdressing salons, big leasing companies, and even the music industry.

Magdalena’s tasks include bookkeeping and processing VAT for her clients.

She also manages a team of five people.

Outside of Work

Magdalena enjoys exploring new places and practising football and martial arts, including her past involvement in kickboxing.

Her preferred travel destination is the Caribbean, where she likes the warm climate, beautiful beaches, radiant sun, inviting sea, and delicious cuisine.

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