Matthew Milnes


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Phone: 07931 444161
Office: Sheffield
Team: Corporate Finance


Matt leads various projects, including company disposals through MBOs, trade sales, and EOT sales. Matthew also oversees daily team operations and supports their learning and development.

Role at Hentons

As the Director of Corporate Finance, Matt leads various financial projects.

His area of expertise revolves around selling companies through Management Buy Outs (MBOs) or trade sales and selling to Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs).

Besides handling these projects, he also runs the team every day, making sure everything goes smoothly.

He supports the team in learning and growing, not just in the big financial strategies but also in day-to-day tasks. Matt’s goal is to help the team develop and succeed together.



Favourite Quote

He who learns but does not think is lost. He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.

Outside of Work

Matt is an enthusiastic crown green bowler, although not currently playing actively.

He likes spending time outdoors, especially hiking. Most of his time, though, is spent with his three young children, who keep him really busy.

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