Nadeem Ahmed

Managing Partner

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Phone: 0113 234 0000
Office: Leeds
Team: Senior Leadership


As a Founder of Hentons, Nadeem is key to the firm’s national organic and acquisitive growth strategy. He brings to the client experience a unique blend of practical business knowledge, audit expertise, management consultancy, and tax strategy.

Nadeem has a particular interest in the real estate sector and funding for property groups.

Role at Hentons

Having gained a degree in mathematics from the University of London, Nadeem went on to pursue an interest in management consultancy and an MBA from Cardiff Business School. He then joined KPMG (London Office) and qualified as a Chartered Accountant.

Nadeem has spent over 30 years advising entrepreneurs, partners and family-owned businesses in the SME space and brings his extensive personal experience to bear when assisting clients with their objectives.

Nadeem’s role encompasses strategic leadership, guiding Hentons’ direction and optimising its performance. He is also in charge of developing and driving strategies to enhance Hentons’ service offering and delivery of excellence to our clients.

Additionally, Nadeem ensures strict adherence to regulatory requirements and upholds our high ethical standards.

Internally, Nadeem is dedicated to fostering a culture of excellence, innovation and client satisfaction, as well as building and maintaining strong relationships with our people. Simultaneously, he takes on the role of leading, mentoring, and guiding our Senior Team.

In his capacity as Hentons’ Managing Partner, Nadeem not only establishes but also nurtures lasting connections with our clients, stakeholders, and industry partners.


BSc Honours, MBA, FCA

Favourite Quote

Try not to become a person of success but rather try to become a person of value.

Outside of Work

Outside of the boardroom, Nadeem pursues his passion for travel and exploration of different corners of the world. Travel enriches the experiences of different cultures and provides a profound appreciation for diversity.

On the golf fairways, you will find Nadeem pursuing his interest in golf, a sport that demands precision, an escape from the demands of work and an opportunity to build social relationships.

Nadeem is a Trustee of the Parklane Foundation supporting charitable causes in the UK and abroad. He is particularly passionate about charity work in Malawi.

Above all, the most cherished moments for Nadeem are spending time with his family. They remind him of the values that truly matter and provide the motivation to lead with purpose.

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