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Phone: 01992 550 721
Office: Hertford
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Neil is a dedicated professional, serving a diverse client portfolio with expertise in compliance, financial strategy, and client connection.

He excels at understanding unique client needs and guiding them to business success, earning their trust and reliance.

Role at Hentons

Neil is dedicated to serving a diverse portfolio of clients and is actively engaging in various facets of their business operations. His responsibilities encompass daily compliance tasks, such as auditing, accounts preparation, and tax computations.

He goes above and beyond to assist clients with their business strategies, financial projections, performance monitoring, and a wide array of ad-hoc projects.

One of Neil’s core strengths is his ability to connect with clients, empathise with their aspirations, and understand their unique needs. This deep understanding enables him to work closely with clients, helping them successfully achieve their business objectives.

Clients trust him and rely on his expertise to navigate complex regulatory requirements and financial matters.



Favourite Quote

“KISS” – Keep it simple, stupid.

Outside of Work

Neil’s an avid swimmer, with his hobby being wild swimming.

In his downtime, he’s also learning Spanish, which comes in handy whenever he’s exploring new places in Spain.

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