Richard Hayter

Corporate Finance Consultant

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Phone: 0113 831 5193
Office: Leeds
Team: Corporate Finance


Richard’s role spans business advisory, corporate finance, tax management, and facilitating complex transactions, while also providing crucial support and mentorship to colleagues.

Role at Hentons

Richard’s role encompasses a diverse array of responsibilities. This includes offering strategic business advisory services and expert guidance in corporate finance matters.

Richard’s expertise extends to the preparation of financial accounts and management of tax obligations, ensuring compliance while optimising financial outcomes.

Furthermore, he plays a pivotal role in facilitating complex corporate transactions such as acquisitions, disposals, and mergers, as well as securing the necessary funding.

Additionally, Richard provides valuable support and mentorship to fellow staff members, fostering a collaborative and growth-oriented environment.

Favourite Quote

If you can’t make one and one equal two, just ask. And I don’t mind if I have to explain it more than five times.

Outside of Work

Richard sings in two choirs, namely the Harrogate Male Voice Choir and the Stray Notes.

He has a passion for travelling and enjoys playing the bagpipes.

Richard’s favourite holiday destination is Italy, particularly Verona

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