Sean Hudson

Audit & Accounts Manager

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Phone: 01992 550721
Office: Hertford
Team: Audit & Accounts


Sean is a dedicated financial strategist who collaborates closely with clients to understand their goals and challenges.

He leads a team of auditors and accountants, ensuring accurate and timely project completion.

Role at Hentons

Sean collaborates closely with clients, understands their financial goals and challenges, and provides guidance on financial strategies. He leads a team of auditors and accountants, making sure that audit and accounting projects are completed accurately and on time.

In addition to client engagement, Sean assesses financial risks within the firm, develops strategies to mitigate those risks, and identifies areas for improvement in internal controls. He’s also involved in financial reporting, helping prepare balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements.

Sean stays up-to-date with accounting standards and regulations, ensuring that financial audits and reports adhere to industry best practices and legal requirements.



Outside of Work

Outside the office, Sean’s a sports enthusiast with an Arsenal season ticket, always cheering on his team.

He also loves teeing off on the golf course and keeping active at the gym.

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