Tony McMenamin

Chartered Financial Planner

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Phone: 0113 831 5188
Office: Leeds
Team: Wealth Management


Tony specialises in understanding our clients’ unique financial landscape, focusing on investments, pensions, and insurance.

His mission is to guide clients through long-term financial planning with clarity and insight.


Role at Hentons

Tony meets with and evaluates potential clients’ current financial situations, including the suitability of their investments, pensions, and insurance schemes to help in constructing a long-term financial strategy.

Through cash flow planning, he enables personalised decisions to help clients better define and ultimately achieve their lifelong personal and financial objectives, considering their risk tolerance and interest in tax savings for both themselves and, if applicable, their beneficiaries.


CFP, Mortgage Advice Qualification, BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering

Favourite Quote

Show me the money!

Outside of Work

Tony enjoys walks in nature. He is also passionate about football and F1.

Tony enjoys skiing and travelling, with his favourite destinations being Slovakia and Spain.

Additionally, he is also the designated taxi driver for his three kids.

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