Vinayee Haria

Management Accountant

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Phone: 01992 550721
Office: Hertford
Team: Accounts


Vinayee handles VAT returns, management accounts, and admin tasks.

She collaborates with various financial and software professionals, ensuring streamlined processes and client satisfaction.

Role at Hentons

With attention to detail, Vinayee plays a pivotal role in assisting with the final production of management accounts, VAT returns, bills, and administrative tasks.

Vinayee thrives in collaborating with a diverse range of clients comprising financial experts, software professionals, as well as finance specialists. Her expertise not only encompasses the technical aspects of her role but also extends to creating strong relationships with clients.

Outside of Work

Outside of work, Vinayee enjoys watching movies, reading books, swimming, taking leisurely walks, dining out, engaging in social interactions, travelling, and lending a helping hand to others.

Among her preferred destinations, Kenya holds a special place in her heart.

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