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By : Nadeem Ahmed

Welcome to our brand new blog! 

We’re so excited to start this blogging adventure and invite you along. 

We’ll be keeping you informed, enlightened and entertained with regular blogs on all things business, finance, tax, marketing and everything in between.  

There’s never a dull moment in business and this blog will be the same. 

This isn’t a platform for us to sell our services or tell you how great we are, this is a blog written by business owners for business owners.

Blog posts will focus on what it really takes to run a successful business, all based on our experiences both as business owners and working with entrepreneurs, so we’ll be talking about the digital agenda, money management, deadlines, industry trends and loads more.

We’d love to get the conversation started and invite you to comment on our blog posts, sharing your ideas and experiences, so that we can all learn from and support each other.

There are loads of really great reasons to start a blog - it can help reach a wider audience, demonstrate expertise and share knowledge, but for us the undisputed champion reason is to create meaningful engagement with you, our audience.

Let’s face it, we’re all running businesses, and for a business to succeed we need customers.

If we focus on engaging with you, giving you what you need, helping you resolve issues and create more success for your own businesses, you’re much more likely to know us, like us, trust us and, ultimately, work with us.

Isn’t that the reason we are all here!?

But we’re going deeper. 

Yes, of course we want to help with one-off tax work and support business owners with ad hoc advice when needed, but what really excites us, what gets us out of bed in the morning, is our ability to create truly meaningful relationships with fellow entrepreneurs who are seeking support throughout their entrepreneurial journey. 

We seek out business owners who share our entrepreneurial vision, are driven, ambitious and determined to succeed, because we know that we have the skills and expertise to really help these individuals create and shape sustainable success.

So if that sounds like you stay tuned - subscribe to this blog and follow us on LinkedIn so you don’t miss any of what we’ve got coming up, trust me, your business will thank you for it! 

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Nadeem Ahmed
Managing Partner

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