The Economics of Music Streaming – Part One

On Friday 3rd December 2021, the Copyright (Rights and Remuneration of Musicians, Etc) Bill underwent its Second Reading in the Commons. As anticipated, the bill failed to proceed to the […]

How will ‘basis period reform’ affect General Practice

Basis period reform The key reforms involve moving from the ‘current year’ basis to a ‘tax year’ basis, meaning that business profits will be calculated for the tax year rather […]

Making Tax Digital – What You Need to Know

Making Tax digital was initially introduced in April 2019 to make it easier for businesses who are VAT registered to store and file their data digitally. This is no longer […]

Blockchain: Embracing the Revolution – Part Three

Global Databases: Case studies in failure The last two decades have seen numerous attempts to create a single global database, which indicates the importance of the endeavour. Their respective demises […]

Blockchain: Embracing the Revolution – Part Two

Royalty Collection: A shady world of questionable morality and unquestionable inefficiency Blockchain is already being exploited within the music industry, especially in the realms of streaming databases, music creation and […]

Blockchain: Embracing the Revolution – Part One

Satoshi Nakamoto and the birth of Blockchain On 31 October 2008, the elusively pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto released their white paper, outlining Bitcoin, to, a Cypherpunk mailing list. The system […]

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