Capital Allowances: Exploring the New Incentives

Starting from April 2023, until at least the end of March 2026, UK businesses will be eligible for 100% capital allowances on qualifying plant and machinery investments. This full expensing […]

Benefits of Filing Your Self-Assessment Tax Returns Early

Self-assessment tax returns must be filed annually by anyone who is self-employed, a company director, or receives income from renting out a property or other sources not covered by PAYE, […]

Cracking the Code of Insecurity: UK’s Startling Reality Revealed by the Living Wage Foundation

In a recent release, the Living Wage Foundation presents its latest research publication, “Precarious Pay and Uncertain Hours: Insecure Work in the UK Labour Market.” This comprehensive report delves into […]

5 Key Tips for Handling Potential Buyer Approaches

If you are a business owner and receive an approach from a potential buyer, it’s important to handle it with care. Asking questions and seeking professional advice can help you […]

Top 10 Tips on How to Approach Acquisitions

With a backdrop of rising costs, increasing interest rates and shortages of labour, you may think that now would be the wrong time to consider acquiring a business.  However if […]

The Importance of Financial Due Diligence

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, funder or a company looking to acquire, conducting thorough financial due diligence is an essential practice to confirm the financial information on which you have […]

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