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Planning for you and your family

No matter what your age, personal or financial status, you will have dreams, and expectations. With the impact of the ongoing flat economy also necessitating further review, we can advise and help you plan how to make your goals a reality.

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State pension

State pension rates, pension credit and winter fuel allowances.

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Giving to charity

Gift Aid is the main vehicle for tax efficient giving to charities. It applies to any donation whether large or small, regular or one-off.

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Family trusts

A trust (settlement) arises when a person (the settlor) transfers assets to trustees, who hold the assets for the benefit of one or more persons (the beneficiaries), who will receive income and/or capital from the trust.

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Separation and divorce

Many marriages do not survive in modern society and when separation, divorce or dissolution occurs, there will almost inevitably be some tax consequences.

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Tax aspects of your home

How does taxation impact on your home?

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Home aspects

The importance of careful planning extends to your home life as well as your business.

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