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Personal tax

Inheritance tax receipts rise to £5.2bn

Receipts have increased 10% a year since 2009.

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Stamp duty break saves first-time buyers £284m

Around 121,500 buyers benefitted from the tax break.

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How would you spend a windfall?

Know your options if you come into cash.

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People urged to renew tax credits

‘Renew tax credits online to avoid losing payments’, HMRC says.

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Managing summer childcare costs

Take the stress out of arranging holiday childcare with government support.

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Parents urged to take up tax-free childcare

31% parents feel stressed arranging childcare for the holidays.

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The inheritance dilemma: to bequeath or spend?

Most retirees choose to bequeath wealth rather than spend.

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The process for receiving inheritance

Half of people expect inheritance windfall in 6 months.

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1 in 3 expect 6-month wait for inheritance

Processing probate takes 11 months on average.

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