Celebrating Achievements and Milestones at Hentons

June 16, 2023

At Hentons, we believe in recognising and celebrating the accomplishments of our talented team members. From promotions to passing professional exams and welcoming new additions to the Hentons family, our staff has achieved remarkable milestones that deserve special recognition. Join us in congratulating these exceptional individuals for their hard work, dedication, and outstanding contributions to our team.

Professional Exam Success

We are delighted to share with you our professional exam success stories. Martyna Gorska, our Accountant from Sheffield, and Aadam Hussain, our Assistant Accountant from Leeds, passed their respective ACCA exams. Martyna successfully conquered the ACCA Financial Reporting exam, while Aadam excelled in the ACCA Performance Management exam. Alexandra Salanyk, our Payroll Administrator, has also completed her CIPP apprenticeship, marking a significant milestone in her professional journey. Additionally, we extend our warmest congratulations to Ansa Ahmed, our Payroll Administrator, who has recently achieved success in her CIPP exams. Their relentless efforts and commitment have paid off, and we are confident they will continue to excel in their roles here at Hentons.


We are thrilled to highlight the inspiring journeys of Charlotte Adamson, Jess Askins, Louise Mitchell, Andrew Byram, and Christian Bell, who embody our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

Charlotte Adamson: Manager in York

Charlotte’s promotion to Manager in York highlights her dedication and hands-on approach with clients, providing invaluable support and exceptional service. Brett Davis extends his congratulations, recognising her well-deserved promotion and stating,

“Big congratulations to Charlotte. Her dedication and hands-on approach with clients have been invaluable. This promotion is very well-deserved.”

Jess Askins: Audit Manager in York

Jess’s promotion to Audit Manager in York emphasises her dedication and hands-on approach to client service, particularly with larger companies requiring comprehensive audit services. Brett Davies extends his congratulations, recognising Jess’s invaluable contributions and stating,

“I extend my heartfelt congratulations to Jess for her remarkable dedication and proactive approach in delivering unparalleled client experiences.”

Louise Mitchell: Learning and Development Manager in Leeds

Louise’s transition to the role of Learning and Development Manager enables her to make a truly considerable impact on shaping our business moving forward. Reflecting on her role, Louise highlights the difference, stating,

“I think the biggest difference between my old and new role revolves around making a truly considerable impact. My old role focused more on day-to-day activities and plans; my current one helps to shape the business moving forward and has more of an impact on higher levels.”

Andrew Byram: Director in Leeds

Andrew’s promotion to Director positions him to attract talented individuals and cultivate meaningful client relationships. Andrew’s aims align with Hentons’ commitment to excellence, as he looks forward to bringing in great people to work with us and fostering strong connections with our clients. Excited about his role, Andrew shares,

“My aims for this role are to bring more amazing people to work for us and keep developing meaningful connections with our clients. I am looking forward to continuing working in a great team and, of course, to meet even more clients!”

Christian Bell: Manager in Leeds

Christian’s appointment as Manager signifies his expanded responsibilities and implementation of Hentons’ standards, including his new role as ACA Training Counsellor. Christian is thrilled about the opportunity to ensure top-notch quality, stating,

“One thing that gets me buzzed about the new role is taking over the ACA Training Counsellor role. It empowers me to help fill that gap and make sure that everything is up to a 10/10 standard.”


We are delighted to announce the recent appointments of Richard Munoz and Deborah Stott to our team at Hentons. With their exceptional talents and dedication to excellence, we are confident that they will play integral roles in propelling Hentons to new heights.

Richard Munoz: Director and Head of Sheffield SME

Richard’s strategic planning and focus on operational efficiency will pave the way for growth. Richard’s dedication to fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment will empower our team members to excel in their roles and contribute to the overall success of our organisation. Reflecting on his new role, Richard expresses his enthusiasm, stating,

“I am thrilled to join the team at Sheffield SME and take on the role of Director. My primary objective is to establish a strong foundation for the office, implementing streamlined processes, and nurturing a culture of collaboration and innovation. I look forward to working closely with the Sheffield team and leading them towards a bright and prosperous future.”

Deborah Stott: Manager in Leeds

Deborah Stott, our newly recruited Manager in Leeds, is a true asset to our team. Her wealth of experience in both audit and non-audit responsibilities brings enhanced capabilities to our organisation. Since joining Hentons, Deborah has demonstrated her expertise and dedication from day one. Chris Howitt, Partner at Hentons, expresses his confidence in Deborah’s contributions, affirming,

“Deborah Stott is a true asset to our team… We are confident that Deborah’s work will greatly enhance our capabilities and deliver exceptional value to our clients.”

Welcoming a Baby Boy

In heartwarming news, we would like to extend our warmest congratulations to Jess, our Payroll Director in the Leeds office, who recently welcomed a baby boy. The Hentons team surprised her with a delightful baby shower, showering her with love and excitement before her maternity leave. From charades to playing ‘Pin the Pacifier’ and indulging in delicious cupcakes, the team made sure Jess felt the joy and support from her Hentons family.

At Hentons, we believe in celebrating the achievements, promotions, and significant milestones of our remarkable staff. From passing professional exams to stepping into new leadership roles and welcoming a new baby, our team continues to demonstrate excellence, dedication, and passion in everything they do. We are immensely proud of their accomplishments and eagerly look forward to witnessing their continued success as they contribute to the growth and success of Hentons. Congratulations to all the incredible individuals who have made these achievements possible!

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