Celebrating the Remarkable Achievements of Hentons’ Team

October 26, 2023

In every successful firm, it’s the people behind the scenes who make the real difference. At Hentons, we take immense pride in our dedicated team members who continuously strive for excellence, both professionally and personally. Today, we shine a spotlight on some outstanding achievements by our exceptional team members. Their hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence are truly inspiring.

Accreditations & Memberships

We are thrilled to kickstart our article with the remarkable achievement of Harry Bushell, our Corporate Finance Executive. Harry has earned a Full FCCA (Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant) Membership, a prestigious recognition in the field of finance. This accomplishment reflects his dedication and expertise, and it’s a testament to his commitment to providing top-notch financial services to our clients.

When asked about his achievements, Harry shared, ” Becoming a Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant is a significant milestone in my career. It not only recognises my hard work but also highlights the continual professional development required to maintain this qualification. Hentons provides resources to empower all employees in their continuous professional development. Hentons provides resources to empower all employees in their continuous professional development.”

Another outstanding achievement we’d like to celebrate is that of Louise Shaw, who has successfully completed the Payroll Technician Certificate with an incredible 98% pass rate. As a Payroll Senior, Louise’s commitment to enhancing her skills and knowledge is admirable. Her achievement exemplifies her dedication to providing accurate and efficient payroll services to our clients.

Louise expressed her thoughts on her accomplishment, saying, “I am proud to have earned the Payroll Technician Certificate. It has equipped me with the latest payroll knowledge and best practices, allowing me to better serve our clients.”

In addition to Louise Shaw’s remarkable achievement, we are thrilled to highlight Laura Tinkler, our Payroll Administrator at Hentons, who recently excelled in obtaining her CIPP Technician certificate. Laura’s dedication to her professional development is truly commendable, reflecting her commitment to delivering top-notch payroll services to our clients.

Laura expressed her joy in her accomplishment, stating, “Earning the CIPP Technician certificate has provided me with invaluable insights into payroll procedures, reinforcing my ability to provide exceptional service to our clients.”

Personal Achievements

At Hentons, we believe in nurturing both professional and personal growth. We are excited to share a heartwarming personal milestone for Olly Dixon, our Marketing and Client Services Manager, and his wife, Helen. Olly and Helen recently welcomed twins into their family, marking a beautiful new chapter in their lives.

Olly shared his joy with us, saying, “Becoming a parent to twins has been an incredible experience. Hybrid and flexible working have been a great help over the last nine months, allowing me to be present at the majority of the major milestones, and this will hopefully continue to be the case in the coming months and years.”


Last but not least, we are delighted to announce the well-deserved promotion of Louise Shaw to the role of Payroll Senior. Louise’s dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence have not gone unnoticed. Her promotion is evidence of her outstanding contributions to the team and our clients.

Louise expressed her gratitude, stating, “I’m honoured to take on this new role as Payroll Senior at Hentons. I look forward to continuing to provide top-tier payroll services and contributing to the success of our clients.”

At Hentons, we recognise that our team members are the driving force behind our success. The achievements of Harry Bushell, Louise Shaw, Olly Dixon, and others are a testament to our commitment to excellence in both our professional and personal accomplishments. We take immense pride in celebrating these remarkable events, and we look forward to supporting and witnessing even more success from our incredible team in the future. Congratulations to all on your outstanding achievements!

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