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Wales confirms income tax rates

The Welsh Government, which has the power to set its own rates of income tax in 2019/20, has confirmed the rates will remain the same as those in England and Northern Ireland.

From 6 April 2019, the UK Government will reduce the basic, higher and additional rates of income tax in Wales by 10p, with the Welsh Government setting its own rate on top of this.

These separate income tax rates will also be set at 10p in every pound earnt, effectively meaning Welsh taxpayers will see no difference in to the rates they already pay.

The Welsh Government has also committed to not increasing income tax rates in Wales until the end of the current assembly in May 2021.

For PAYE taxpayers living in Wales, the change means they will receive a new tax code, while self-employed people will be asked to note their country of residence on their online tax return for 2019/20.

Mark Drakeford, former secretary for finance in Wales, said:

"When the new arrangements are introduced in April, Welsh taxpayers will continue to pay the same overall income tax rates as English and Northern Irish taxpayers.

"All income tax paid by people living in Wales will continue to be collected as one payment, as usual, but the money raised in Wales will stay in Wales to spend on our public services."

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