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Fresh thinking drives expansion for Health Group

The Fuller and Forbes Health Care Group is expanding in Yorkshire as its patient-led approach proves successful at turning around underperforming GP practices.  

Pictured: Dr Mark Fuller (left) and Methven Forbes 

The team of Dr Mark Fuller and Mr Methven Forbes transformed The Highfield Medical Centre in Bramley with a focus on creating a more comprehensive and well-being centre. It rebranded as the Bramley Village Health and Wellbeing Centre to better reflect the broad range of care and support it offers. 

The Group is now expanding with the addition of a new practice in Cottingley and is in the process of bidding for three more in the Yorkshire region. The healthcare group argues that with an acute shortage of GPs a new model of care is required where GPs lead a broader team of healthcare professionals, from nurses to pharmacists.  

Commenting on the growth, Dr Mark Fuller said: “Our vision is to be a healthcare partner for the local community, and it goes far beyond the traditional GP model. We recognise that conventional medicine does not always hold all the solutions to a person’s health concerns and believe in listening to our community. Social interventions are just as important as medical treatment for our patients overall wellbeing.” 

The Bramley centre now employs over 15 members of staff who work hard to provide a primary care medical service contract for GP services. The site has also been redeveloped to improve the patient experience. 

Dr Fuller said: “We have a model that delivers better patient outcomes with greater efficiency. A focus on the data is helping to shape how we serve our communities. Data has informed our longer consultation times, which prove more efficient in the long term as we get to the root of the problem faster, and the expansion of the range of services we provide. Our growth is supported by a partnerled team at Hentons that operates as an extension of our business.” 

The Fuller and Forbes Health Care Group is growing its team to include cognitive behavioural therapists and health coaches to help patients lead healthier lifestyles and address long-term illness like diabetes. 

It has also launched a new health care smartphone app which allows patients to access their own medical records, book appointments and request medications online in addition to sourcing lots of self help videos for minor ailments. 

The Group’s growth is supported by accountancy and advisory firm Hentons, which has a large healthcare specialism that operates across the North. Tax consultancy and due diligence on acquisitions has helped to ensure the healthcare company grows sustainably. 

Simon Gray, a partner at Hentons, said: “The Fuller and Forbes Health Care Group is a high growth business that underlines how a fresh approach to delivering a service can prove transformational. The model is providing cost savings for the NHS and better outcomes for patients. It’s a win-win that has a bright future.” 

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