Hentons specialist music and entertainment team of accountants and business advisors is widely recognised within the industry. We provide business management and accounting services to bands, artistes, performers, songwriters, broadcasting DJs, management, record, publishing and production companies, actors, producers, sportsmen and many other businesses connected or associated with the industry and have done so for more than 38 years. We work with a range of UK and international businesses based in the US, New Zealand, France, Germany and Sweden as well as a host of other countries.

Our devoted expert team of music industry specialists, headed by Chris Panayi, offers a highly personalised service with emphasis on strong technical accounting knowledge that serves our clients’ personal, creative and financial needs and aspirations. Our primary role is to create and maintain business management and accounting systems that facilitate seamless processing, reporting and flow of financial information between stakeholders of our clients’ businesses.

All clients, regardless of size or status, are important to us and will receive the same attentive level of service.


Hentons music & entertainment team has a strong roster of successful UK and international clients, having provided accountancy and business management services to some of the industry’s top profile stars and businesses for four decades, all delivered by a team of highly experienced professionals.



Integral to our business ethos, we are committed to working with artistes, bands and performers who are just starting out in their chosen career. Once engaged, we inform, advise and guide our clients, drawing from a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, to ensure all financial aspects are taken care of from the outset. We firmly believe that following best practice from day one will reap dividends in the short, medium and long-term.


In addition to our expertise of working with songwriters and performers, we include a wide range of other genres of clients such as DJs, managers, promoters, recording studios, equipment hire businesses, security providers and many more. Due to our extensive knowledge and industry experience, we can transfer skills to provide a customised service with focus on client’s needs and expectations. Hentons are keen to work with any business or individual connected to the music & entertainment industries. If you would like more information: