Healthcare Tax Advisory

Hentons Advisory Services for Healthcare

Our specialist accountants in Leeds offer effective and efficient solutions when our clients turn to us for advice.

We provide the following advisory services for the healthcare sector:


We advise clients on potential corporation structures to mitigate risk, enhance opportunities and reduce tax liabilities.

Partnership Agreements

Advising on the legal, commercial and tax content of partnership agreements to ensure they cover appropriate profit allocation, succession and day to day management.  We also assist with dispute resolution.

Partnership Premises

Issues surrounding ownership or relocation can be complex.  When relocating we advise how the property should be owned, funded and steps needed to maximise tax reliefs.

PMS/ New GMS Contract Reviews

We quantify the effect of making a transfer from PMS to GMS (or vice versa) and advise our PMS practices what is happening with GMS and what they should be claiming from their local area team.

APMS / Tendering

Drawing up financial documents required to support a tender and critically reviewing financial plans and assumptions to assess their viability.  We also advise on the requirements to join the NHS superannuation scheme.

"Local Area Team" Disputes

With over 20 years’ experience and knowledge of the old “Red Book” and the “New Contract” we help our clients confront unreasonable or incorrect demands from the local area team. 

Partnership Mergers / Splits 

We assess the financial effect of a merger or demerger. The pitfalls of a merger or split are explained in terms of the effect on tax, business profits and superannuation.