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Real Estate Accountancy

With banks returning and insurance and pension funds seeking long term low risk investments, the sector is largely recovered but remains challenging.

Location is a key factor in determining return on investment and this can be a stumbling block as competition from both local and international markets increases.

Due to legacy supply shortages, and resulting price increases, it can also be difficult to find attractive opportunities, but residential development, retail outlets, student accommodation and hotels are all good options.

The main risk factors in the sector are due to increased regulation, which adds to operating and admin costs, and an ever changing tax environment, which creates uncertainty – never good for an investment dependant sector.

Why Choose Hentons Property Tax & Accounting

Our team of property and construction tax advisers have in depth experience and unique insight in the Real Estate sector.  We work closely with investors, developers, estate agents, construction firms, real estate funds, surveyors and architects to deliver dependable solutions.

Hentons Property & Construction Accounting and Tax Services

Our specialist accountants expertise spans across the following areas:

Tax: We minimise your tax liabilities through inheritance tax, capital gains tax, stamp duty land tax planning, debt restructuring and our wide knowledge on capital allowances

Business planning: Advice on how best to start-up your venture, acquisition planning, structuring all the way through to exit planning

Compliance: Taking care of all compliance including VAT, corporation tax, PAYE, national insurance, stamp duty and land tax and including external and internal audits

Corporate Finance: Our specialist team advise on mergers, acquisitions, disposals and introductions to suitable business partners where appropriate

VAT: We ensure your returns are filed with HMRC accurately and on time

Finance: Help with sourcing finance and freeing up cash tied in your business through cash flow management issues.

Accounts: We provide real estate accounting services to upport with the day-to-day running of your business and help with opening up potential opportunities

Trusts and Estate Planning: We can help pass on property in the most tax efficient way

case study

We were approached by a small business owner to assist him in the sale of his letting agency. We were able to renegotiate the values of the component parts of the business, saving the seller thousands of pounds in income tax charges that would have arisen on the sale.  We were also able to identify terms in the contract that were perfectly acceptable in a legal context, but that would have created some taxation issues for the seller. Using our input, the seller was able to agree an outcome that was both legally acceptable and tax efficient.