We work with you to make sure your business is compliant with legislation and filing requirements, and help strengthen the foundations so it can realise full potential. We use knowledge of the business to proactively identify areas that can improve the company’s tax position and financial and operational management.

We invest significant time at the start of our relationship and throughout to build our knowledge of your business. This ensures all audits are unique to the specific operational, financial and regulatory risks.

Businesses above certain financial thresholds are required to have an audit but smaller businesses may elect to one if certain stakeholders are looking for extra assurance on the numbers or, alternatively, if future plans involve the requirement for accounts that have been subject to external review and assessment.


case study

We act as auditors and advisers for a multi-million pound wholesale business based in Bradford and, over the years, have assisted in forming a group structure that ensures appropriate distribution and protection of the group’s assets. We have also recently assisted in negotiations and discussions with loss adjusters to recover amounts due in respect of an historic flood. The preparation and presentation of robust financial information gathered during our audit aided management in proving the loss of trade details resulting in a significant release of insurance funds into the business.