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Iulia Rojcova

Iulia Rojcova

Iulia Rojcova



'The secret to success is not giving up or taking things for granted. Always persevere, build and motivate a team that will support your business goals.'

Iulia’s expertise lay in business management, tax and accounting services for music industry clients ranging from rising stars to international high profile artistes as well as many other related businesses. Iulia’s favourite area of specialism is dealing with overseas taxation matters relating to business operations of music industry clients.

Integrity, sound technical knowledge and reliability underpin her approach to providing services to clients.

We know Iulia as a person always striving to learn and improve, leading by example and passionate not only about what she accomplishes but also about what she inspires others to do. She is highly regarded for her wise and fair approach to situations. Family, music and travel play a major part in her life.


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